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  • 00500 Helsinki

Tasty falafel in Sörnäinen

I decided that I am not going to eat meat before Christmas, so I started to wonder where to get good vegetarian food. Then I heard about Fafa´s Kallio and I end up there one evening. Place looks very humble outside, but was full of people. That´s a good sign – I was thinking.


open kitchen

Menu is written on the wall.

I went inside and got a kind welcome-smile from the staff. Most of the people waited for take-away food. I ordered two falafel-meals with goat cheese. Waiter asked my name to orders and when falafels were ready they yelled my name loudly. That might be annoying, but didn´t bother me.
Atmosphere was nice, friendly and youthful. Two waiters were really hilarious and friendly. Only negative thing was that they didn´t speak finnish. Food came quickly, about in 15 minutes, and were packed well. I ordered also humus and pita-bread from sideorder-list.

Fafa´s is very casual and "street kitchen" type of place.

Fafa´s is very casual and ”street kitchen” type of place.

Side dishes list

I ordered humus plate and plate from side dishes list.

Falafel with goat cheese was absolutely fantastic. It was full of different flavors and tastes. I gobbled it very fast – yummy! Humus was not so tasty, but it was ok. Falafel-pitas are very common Mideast streetfood. In Helsinki they are still quite exotic food and nice complement to streetfoodset.


This falafel-pita don´t look special, but tasted really good.

Hummus plate was ok, but nothing special.

Hummus plate was ok, but nothing special.

Prices could be little bit lower. Two falafel´s with sideorders cost almost 30 euros. With that kind of money you could easily eat dinner in comfortable restaurant in Helsinki. Anyway, I recommend Fafa´s if you want tasty falafel in Helsinki. This might be also a good starter for year, if you are concern of your over-weight.


Staff were hilarious and friendly.

Kokonaisarvio 4/5 = ****